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Andrew Carriere

A French speaker from Lawtell, Louisiana, accordionist and singer Andrew Carriere brings a long family tradition into his playing. His father was the legendary Creole fiddler “Bebe” Carriere, his uncle was accordionist Eraste Carriere, and cousins Chubby, Troy, and Roy Carrier are popular in the zydeco arena. Carriere moved to the Bay Area in the ’60s, learned accordion from the late great Danny Poullard, and is the featured vocalist on the California Cajun Orchestra’s “Not Lonesome Anymore” CD.   He also leads the band “Andrew Carriere and the All Stars” and is a highly sought after singer and accordion player in the Cajun music scene.

Andre Nigoghossian

Accordionist, fiddler, and singer Andre Nigoghossian got his first taste of Cajun & Zydeco music in college. The infectious accordion and fiddle grooves of la musique de la Sud de La Louisiane made a lasting impression and he’s quickly becoming one of the most sought after musicians in the Bay Area Cajun scene. 

Tom Stewart

Tom discovered the Cajun/Zydeco community in 2005 and began regular attendance at Cajun jams in the Bay Area. He studied guitar and Cajun/Creole music in Louisiana with legendary musicians such as Sam Broussard, Jimmy Breaux, Steve Riley, and Ed  Poullard . Tom’s first band experience was with Cypress Grooves and Bayou Noir on the Farmers Market circuit. He is currently one of the go-to rhythm guitarist in the Bay Area’s Cajun band community and loves keeping the rhythm for The Blue Runners Trio!

Haywood Douresseau

Haywood Douresseau is a native of Swords Louisiana.  He grew up in a Creole environment where French was his first language and the only language spoken at home. He developed an interest in Zydeco at an early age. After illustrious careers in the Navy and public school administration, he became active in the Cajun/Zydeco music scene. Six years ago he went from dancer to musician as the scrub board player for Bayou Noir.  Today he rubs the board for The Blue Runners Trio as well as with other local bands. 

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