Buck Thrifty

Kickin up a cocktail of Folky-Punky-Bluesy-Swing, this raggedy crew of streetwise fashionistas is ready to serve up some poppin' grooves for your booty shaking while their ethical ponderings leave your head aching!

Jay Drapes -- Guitar, Trumpet, Vox, Bass
Tyler McCourtney -- Banjo, Vox, Harmonica, Lyricist
Michael Fierro -- Bass, Vox, Drums, Lyricist
Barrie Sterling (B$) -- Vox, Album Artist, Lyricist
Stu Manzano -- Keys & Synth
Taylor Cuffie -- Drums, Vox
Corwin Zekley -- Fiddle, Vox, Lyricist
Buck Thrifty

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