Bronze Medal Hopefuls

Bronze Medal Hopefuls play funky instrumental mini soundtracks to imaginary movies about cardboard rockets ship adventures, puppets that travel to the North Pole, soul crushing van tours along the East Coast, and small town, coffee sipping detectives named Wedemski.

The band formed in 2019, put together by bassist and song writer, Gio Benedetti. The band is a constructive rebound from his long term band relationship: a 10 year career playing upright bass with The Brothers Comatose.

Now he gets to play lots of notes on electric bass and he's very happy about it. Band mates Zach Morris (drums), Alex Leach (guitar) and Nathan Dittle (keys) bring their charm, savoir faire, incredible skills and general loveliness to the material. Together, the four friends create a loose weave tapestry of whimsy, creativity, and energy as they groovily stumble between 70s funk, modern indy rock and acid jazz..

Bronze Medal Hopefuls

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