Brie Paige

Indie, folk, alt, soul singer- songwriter, Brie Paige, is a free-spirited artist and passionate advocate for using music as an emotional release for self-expression, introspection, and healing.

Brie is a Board Certified Music Therapist and Berklee College of Music alumna who began songwriting as a way to discover meaning and find balance in her life. Along with being a singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer, Brie is the CEO and Founder of her Music Therapy private practice, "Butterfly Beats Music Therapy & Holistic Healing, LLC."

Brie believes everyone has a unique voice to share and the powerful therapeutic medium of music is an incredible gift we all have as an innate tool for holistic healing. Brie specializes working with clientele of all ages, especially infants through young adults, using her joy and expertise with music to hold safe, creative space to encourage self-expression, vocal freedom, emotional processing, neurodevelopmental support, pain management, confidence in the mind-body-soul-creativity connection and overall empowerment. 

‚ÄčAs a songwriter, Brie's lyrics are pure and stem from a desire to discover meaning. Her self-released, debut EP, "Free The Bull," is inspired by the desire to "free the bs" and to open a conversation for acceptance of embracing your most authentic self. "Free The Bull" is infused with Brie's sultry, soulful voice to create the ultimate high vibrations listening experience. "Free The Bull" is available now on all listening platforms. 

Brie Paige

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