Bluelight Cheap Hotel

Bluelight Cheap Hotel is a Marin County, CA-based Grateful Dead Tribute Band that uniquely honors the music and energy of The Grateful Dead's live sound and merrymaking.  Recently formed, they bring a classic, yet modern and innovative approach from an accomplished lineup of experienced musicians that play Dead music as a foundation for their jam style, described as “high-energy” and “super funky.”

They are a band that harnesses the best of the modern jam band era with lots of pocket, tight grooves and back beat, while delivering the core beauty of the conventional Grateful Dead sound, including beautiful vocal and instrumental harmonies, inspiring rhythms and deep, experimental improvisation.  

Comprised of veterans of Steve Kimock’s Zero, Berklee jazz school grads and seasoned professionals, this band of sharp, tight, well-versed musicians will be sure to steal your face and keep you coming back to see what the next adventurous show has in store.

Bluelight Cheap Hotel

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