Big G Trio

As a dynamic blues and jazz performer, Garrett Jacobson has been captivating audiences for twenty-five years. The depth and expressive delivery of the blues began tugging at Garrett’s musical sensibilities when he was eight years old. It was at an elementary school summer arts workshop that Garrett met Oklahoma blues legend, D.C. Minner, who became a musical mentor to him during his formative years. Although he started as a pianist, Garrett was captivated by the guitar when at age ten he saw B.B. King perform in Oklahoma City. Garrett’s professional debut at age twelve with Minner’s band at the Dusk ‘til Dawn Blues Festival in Rentiesville, OK came just two years after he acquired his first guitar. Having a large stature at a young age, Minner gave him the nickname "Big G". After performing at numerous festivals and schools across the state with Minner over the next two years, Garrett formed his own band in 1998, recorded his first album, and begun performing at clubs and blues festivals throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding region. He continues to perform regularly and has released six albums. His recordings have received critical praise in national and regional publications such as Living Blues, Blues Revue, Blues Blast, and Southwest Blues. The Garrett “Big G” Jacobson Band has performed at notable venues across the country such as Buddy Guy's Legends, The Chicago Blues Festival, The Grand Emporium, and B.B. King's Blues Club. Garrett has also performed with blues greats Jimmy Johnson, Carl Weathersby, and Smokey Wilson. With his distinct guitar style and impactful vocal delivery, Garrett Jacobson delivers a soul-satisfying performance not to be forgotten.

     While attending the University of Central Oklahoma as an undergraduate, Garrett found a renewed interest in the piano which fueled his growing interest in jazz. He soon began playing the Hammond organ after hearing records by Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff that ignited within him a passion for the Hammond’s unique sound. While maintaining a busy schedule as a regional blues artist, he simultaneously began playing jazz dates on organ in Oklahoma City in 2004. His latest recording, Without Notice, is a set of original songs that not only showcases his abilities as a jazz pianist and organist, but also his compositional and arranging skills. 

     Garrett holds a Master’s degree in Music from the University of Central Oklahoma. His experience from participating in its renowned jazz program continues to shape his own efforts and methods as a teacher. As a piano teacher at Larsen Music Company in Oklahoma City, Garrett’s primary mission is to help inspire budding musicians during their musical development. In addition to teaching the mechanics of music, Garrett emphasizes the importance of critical listening, composing, and harnessing one’s creativity to develop their own voice within the music. 

Big G Trio

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