American Lore

Ripping guitar solos, groovy bass lines, heart pounding drums, and mellifluous vocals are all part of the package in American Lore. The Santa Rosa rock band draws inspiration for their music from contemporary American society, the human condition, and the evolution of rock. Whether it be sorrowful sounds of reflection or the upbeat reminder of the beauty in life, American Lore invites audiences to sing and dance along to further continue the story of rock.

Vocals / Aleena Decker

Aleena is a classically trained vocalist, from Redondo Beach, CA, with a B.A. degree in History and Music and Master in Public Administration from Sonoma State University. She has had the pleasure of performing with L.A. Opera, Sonoma State University Chamber Singers, and the Healdsburg Chorus. Along with classical training, Aleena received jazz vocal training from Sonoma State University and is an avid jazz musician and improvisationalist. Aleena has always been a rock fan and head banger. She brings her improvisational spirit and rock enthusiasm to life in American Lore.

Guitar / Scott Decker

Scott, a Healdsburg native, was first drawn to music by way of the guitar at age 13. He began studying guitar with local guitar player and educator Chris Pimentel. Scott's formal music education started at the Santa Rosa Junior College where he discovered his love for the jazz art form while studying under Bennett Friedman. Later, Scott received a B.A. in Jazz Guitar Performance from Sonoma State University, earning the honorary Mel Graves 'Distinguished Graduate in the field of Jazz' award. Scott has had the pleasure of studying and playing music with such notable artists and educators: Dayna Stephens, Randy Vincent, Doug Leibinger, Matt Wilson, Babatunde Lea, Julian Lage, Steve Rubardt, Cliff Hugo, Kendrick Freeman, and more. Scott has been playing and studying music for over two decades, and can be found playing in various musical groups throughout Sonoma County.

Bass / Ian Riggle

Ian has played bass guitar for over 25 years. He received his degree in Recording Arts Technology from Full Sail University, a premier media arts college in Florida. Through Ian’s passion for sound engineering and music, Ian created a state of the art home recording studio, which he uses to record his own musical projects as well as many other Sonoma County bands. Ian is American Lore’s newest band member, joining in December of 2016. He has been a wonderful addition to the group in many ways.

Drums / Ryan Comiskey

He has been playing drums for over 30 years. Ryan received a B.A. in in Jazz Drums from Sonoma State University under the direction of the late Mel Graves. Outside of school, Ryan enjoys jamming in "garage bands" of all rock and jazz types. He has been on dozens of local Sonoma County recordings. Ryan has played at both small and large venues (Konocti Harbor, Mystic Theater...) around Northern California. To Ryan, if it isn't playing fun music with great people, it's not worth it.

American Lore

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