Aly Rose Trio

The Aly Rose Trio provides an eclectic and flexible live music experience, performing a large and ever-expanding repertoire of cover songs, from top 40 to classic favorites, cleverly and lovingly re-imagined in a jazz fusion influenced style with an emphasis on strong, dance-able groove. The band is led by a powerful female voice, Aly Rose, and backed up by lush, rich musical accompaniment featuring frequent improvisation and solos from multi-instrumentalists Justin Leonard and David Gray. The band has multiple interpretations of each song, able to perform as a full, plugged in ensemble a drummer and bass player, or as a small, intimate acoustic trio for smaller events.

The Aly Rose Trio is a group of local musicians with a diverse, eclectic sound. They perform a large repertoire of popular and classic songs in a modern, jazz-fusion style, led by the powerful, soulful
voice of Aly Rose herself and backed by two multi-instrumentalists who provide a lush array of textures and tones. They are also often joined by local drummer Nick Carico to provide a bigger, groovier sound.

Jazz fusion/neo-soul cover band with a diverse range of material.

Aly Rose Trio

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