Influenced by Tractors, Louisiana, Sexy Party Peoples, Fear of a Black Hat and Personal Truth. 35R has been compared to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Alice in Chains and Orange 9mm.

Not this year you don't! The Fairfax, CA city council banned the guys from playing the annual Fairfax Festival based on rumors that 35R’s live show with their hard edge sound and active crowd participation could spell trouble if things got out of hand. In part, the concern came after a recently sold out 35R show when police questioned the band about a man slumbering in a nearby dumpster wearing only his underwear and covered in 35R stickers.

“35R is one of the few hard-rock bands that have girls in the front rows going wild shaking their.....” Adam “Bagel” Berkowitz, Bolade Studios

"NorthBay band to watch" - Zero Magazine

35R's first CD "Rocks to the Rim" was met with good local success selling over 2000 copies. 35R is currently in the studio working on their 2nd CD.

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